WiFi Mouse Pro Apk

Wifi Mouse Pro is a useful tool that turns your device into a wireless mouse/keyboard/trackpad and makes it fully PC compatible.The app offers many unique features such as voice input, gyroscope, multimedia navigation, and many more.

In this app, you can easily stimulate the mouse using the touchpad, which gives the same feel as a real device.Alternatively, you can switch to many languages by switching to a different built-in keyboard that appears after purchase in the app.

What is WiFi Mouse Pro?

Wifi Mouse Pro is the paid version of the Wifi Mouse app.If you want to turn your smartphone into a desktop computer, there is no better tool than Wifi Mouse.

In this version of the app, you can use all the features like free download, one-click RDP connection, computer keyboard, no in-app purchases, gamepad and many more without spending a penny.

Wifi Mouse Pro
Free Wifi Mouse Pro

The application is primarily intended to improve user productivity by simplifying all desktop management processes.One of the best things we like the most is the ability to control the TV using the infrared port.

Features of the app

The program comes with dozens of amazing features like multilingual keyboard, gyroscope, infrared transmission, remote voice input and many more that make it easy to control your device.

  • The trackpad is a useful feature that allows you to perform multiple gestures to make your job easier and more productive.
  • RDP Connect is an outstanding feature that allows you to easily manage multiple desktops on a single device using a domain name or public IP addresses.
  • DLNA support: There are several types of DLNA devices and they are all supported by the app, allowing you to send media files to multiple devices, such as tablets, PCs, smartphones, and other devices over your home network.
  • No ads: The paid version has no ads.

Should you download the WiFi Mouse Pro app?

Wifi Mouse Pro is certainly the perfect tool for your Android device that makes file management much more convenient than ever.

You can access your office computer from home using the remote desktop control feature in this app, which will ultimately improve your productivity.

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