Spotify Premium Free Apk

If you are one of those music lovers and in your free time you like to listen to it, but you want to have everything downloaded on your cell phone, create your playlist, listen in the background because today we bring for you Spotify Premium Free Apk.

Let’s start from basic concepts about this great application that today is one of the most popular in the world when it comes to listening to music from your cell phone, laptop or smart TV.

What is Spotify Premium?

Spotify as we well know has two plans, the Free plan and the Premium Plan where they will give us many extra advantages to the free plan, in such case with either of the two you can listen to music without problem, but with certain disadvantages in the free plan.

Ad-free Spotify

Starting that with the premium plan you will listen to music without any advertising since the free version if it is very common that we skip ads from several advertisers in this application and will last on average a few seconds.

So if you are bothered by the ads while listening to spotify premium free apk consider getting the premium version with which you will forget about all these annoying ads while listening to your favorite songs.

Unlimited Jumps on Spotify

Another advantage of the premium plan is the advantage of giving unlimited jumps between songs that is, we can go from song to song without problems, which does not happen in the free version where we will be limited in the number of jumps, this means that if we do not like a song and we want to change it, this will be limited.

In conclusion of not having the possibility to take several jumps to the song since with the free version we will have a limit for this, with the premium version you will have this unlocked.

Listen to Music Offline

One of the most popular advantages is to listen to music without having to have an Internet connection, this is because with the Spotify Premium plan for free we can have the option to download the music on our devices in order to listen to it without having to have internet.

How to install Spotify Premium For Free?

On this occasion we bring you a modified Android application to be able to have all the advantages offered by Spotify Premium Mod for free which is in its latest version completely updated and unbaneable.

We will leave you an apk file which as we mentioned is already modified to be able to have the premium version completely free for that it is important that you first uninstall the version of Spotify that you have in order to install this without problems.

Spotify Premium Free Specs

NameSpotify Premium Free Apk
Size28.5 MB
RequirementsAndroid 4.1+
DeveloperSpotify Ltd.

Main Music Streaming Platforms

Spotify leads this list of platforms to listen to music streaming around the world, we leave you a list of the most used platforms by most people:

  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • Amazon Music
  • SoundCloud
  • Deezer
  • Tidal

Download Spotify Premium Free Apk

As we mentioned earlier this is an application for devices exclusively Android that have a version of Android 4.1 + that surely the vast majority have a much higher version.

Remember that for the installation of applications that are not from the Google Play Store you have to enable the option of“Unknown Origins”that is in the settings of our cell phone.

Since many times the installation of unofficial applications on our cell phone is always blocked for that it is important to have that option activated, if you do not know how to activate this here we leave you a brief tutorial:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select the Lock and Security feature.
  3. Locate the Unknown Sources option and move the switch to activate it.
  4. In the pop-up window select OK.
  5. ready! the function is active.

These steps may change on your cell phone but in theory most will be found on the route we show you.

In the next button you will be able to access a Mediafire file to be able to download the file that weighs only 31.38 MB download here

By completing the verification requirements you will be able to access Spotify premium free apk for Android completely free.

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