Librera PRO Apk (Pay/No Ads)

Bookseller PRO is a universal app that will help you open and read most of the popular eBook formats as well as PDF files.From our post, you will learn the key features of the app, as well as show you how to use the Pro version of the app for free.

Features of the Librera PRO app

We can say that Librera Reader is extremely versatile.You can read professional eBook file formats like PDF (a very confidential and extremely familiar file format for office workers), EPUB or EPUB3 (the most popular ebook format), MOBI (an old but improved and developed OEB format, it’s not an open format like EPUB, so it’s not used much).

AZW and AZW3 are two well-known eBook formats that are the exclusive property of Amazon.The capability of both formats is similar to the MOBI format, and Amazon’s format also supports very good eBook files containing both video and audio.

In addition, this application supports many rare formats of eBooks, such as DjVu, FB2, FB2 zip, TXT, RTF, CBR, CBZ, HTML, XPS, MHT … You can say that “Librera Reader” is one of the few applications that support most of the eBook file formats available in the mobile app market.This versatile application also allows you to manipulate the contents of almost any file you download.With this feature, users can edit text files, bookmark pages, or view important content.

Interface and use

Overall, the interface of Librera Reader is quite well optimized.You can customize and rearrange the order of frequently used folders in the top list.In addition, the size of the document can be adjusted to their liking, this design gives users convenience and convenience while running the application.Not only that, this great app also allows you to customize the app’s interface.

Currently, Librera Pro allows you to make adjustments in 2 modes, including “day” mode: everything becomes brighter, the document file will be highlighted on a white background, the colors will be saturated in good quality.Night Mode- In this mode, the app interface will change to dark or the filter will reduce blue light, providing users with enough yellow light to protect their eyes.We can say that the customization options of Librera Reader are quite high.

Don’t wait any longer and download Bookseller Pro Apk without ads in its completely free premium version for Android.

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