Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Apk

Speaking of the genre of open world games, you can not fail to mention the famous series Rockstar Grand Theft Auto (GTA).Most of the games in the series have become true cultural phenomena outside of the gaming industry.If you have never played GTA: San Andreas on Android before, this article is for you.Here we will not only tell you about the game, but we will also show you how to download it for free on your smartphone or tablet.

About Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas takes players to Liberty City, a city of violence, love for money and drugs.Players will be reincarnated as a black guy named Karl Johnson, who left his hometown and gang many years ago.

However, after his mother was killed in a fight with bandits, Karl decides to return to the city and avenge his mother’s murder.Unknowingly, he becomes embroiled in a complicated relationship with criminal gangs and corrupt politicians.Will Karl be able to avenge his mother and return to normal life?The answer depends on your actions.

Main features of GTA: San Andreas:

You can say a lot about the game, for example, that with its cost of $6.99, more than a million players downloaded it.So why did you like GTA SA so much?Let’s find out by listing its main features.

Awesome gameplay

The gameplay of GTA: San Andreas revolves around three actions: shooting, driving and exploring.Players should combine them wisely, depending on the task they are performing.The shootouts in the game are done cinematically to create an interesting experience.

Players can shoot, burn members of a hostile faction with a flamethrower, destroy government property, and compete against the police.This process is somewhat similar to another game in this series called GTA: Chinatown Wars.

Large map

If you have played GTA 5 Mobile, you will agree with us that this game has a large map and many places to explore. San Andreas is not much smaller than the size of the terrain.The global map consists of 3 different cities and many villages.

Each city in the game has its own “personality”: Los Santos is full of tall buildings.San Fierro is the main residence of wealthy citizens.Las Venturas is a city in the middle of the desert with gambling houses and casinos.

Story missions and secondary objectives.

GTA: San Andreas offers players a huge and unique mission system, not just move around places and shoot enemies.Players can participate in many special missions, such as “find drugs”, “exchange weapons or rescue hostages”, which relate to each other in a plot to reveal the protagonist’s character in more detail.

In addition, the side quests are very varied.GTA: San Andreas allows you to be the good one.For example, in your free time you can earn extra money as a policeman, firefighter, taxi driver or ambulance.

If you want to relax, you can also drive around the countryside in expensive cars that have just been stolen, listen to the radio and engage in gang shootings.

Graphics and sound

San Andreas’ graphics can’t match those of modern games, even though Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for Android was released in early 2015.The city is quite well detailed with tall buildings, vehicles and pedestrians.When you move into the village, you will see barley fields, old style houses.Overall, the developers managed to support the atmosphere and transmit it through the display of portable devices.

The sound effects are also excellent.You can hear a car’s engine, the believable sound of gunfire, the singing of birds and more.Even if you turn off the screen, you’ll be able to tell where you are.

How to download and install GTA: San Andreas APK + OBB?

  • First, you need to download all the files we provide, which are the apk and the OBB file of the game.
  • To install this game, you need to follow a few simple steps to avoid problems.
  • Go to your home screen and open “Settings” in the app.
  • Scroll down to the Security option, where you will see the Unknown source option, you must click to enable it.
  • After downloading the file and checking if it is on the device, you need to turn off Wi-Fi or 3G connections.The easiest way to verify this is to activate airplane mode from the notification bar.
  • Open your file manager (if it is not available, we recommend using the Solid Explorer File Manager), navigate to the downloaded file.
  • Open the APK file for installation, this process will take a few seconds, wait until it is completed.Now you can see that the game icon has appeared on the desktop, but don’t open it because you still need to install the cache.
  • Extract the OBB file, you will get the com.rockstargames.gtasa folder, move it to “Android/OBB”.The OBB file is quite large, so the unpacking process will take a few minutes.Do not extract to any other directory because it will not work.
  • fact.You have successfully installed Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on Android.Now you can disable airplane mode, open the game.

GTA: San Andreas is considered one of the best games in the GTA series.To play comfortably, you need to use an Android device that meets the following requirements: Android 7.0 or higher, 1 GB of RAM, and 700 MB of free memory.This is not a very high requirement.GTA San Andreas works smoothly on most devices.

You will have to download the following two files the APK of Grand Theft Auto and its data also called OBB which you will find in the following links.

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