150X Game Booster Pro Apk

X150 Game Booster Pro is an application that helps users solve graphics optimization tasks that will speed up loading and improve FPS.My Game Booster Pro speeds up the game you are playing with a tap.In addition, the application can also optimize the hardware for better performance and many other utilities.

About 150X Game Booster Pro

X150 Game Booster Pro is not free to use.Users only have to pay 15 rubles to be able to download it from play store.In this article, we provide you with the latest APK of this application, which you can download and install for free.We have previously talked about similar programs, for example Panda Game Booster.Below, you can read about the key features of this program.

Speed up your games and apps

Sometimes, you get delays or lows in FPS while playing or using apps and upgrading to a newer version.This is a common problem on midrange devices with heavy apps and games.At this stage, the program will help you speed up the use of apps and games, ensuring the maximum performance of your device.You may immediately notice that when using the app, the speed increases significantly.However, since the device is optimized for maximum power, this will shorten the battery life.

In addition, some games do not allow players to customize graphics settings.This means that when you open the game, all adjustments are made automatically.If your device doesn’t meet the configuration requirements, you won’t be able to play.Don’t worry, because My Game Booster Pro can fix this problem.This application can influence the graphical settings, with which you can optimize and give the right settings for your device.

Free RAM

My Game Booster Pro provides RAM Booster feature that helps stop background tasks that make the device slow and choppy due to lack of RAM.This gives a lot of room for the device, helps optimize and improves performance.You may have seen this feature in popular applications like Ccleaner, All-In-One Toolbox.

Upon activation, all running applications will freeze to free up memory space.After that, the game can run more stably without worrying about running out of RAM.

Easy to use with a single touch

The utility uses some rather strange concepts for people without technical knowledge.However, thanks to the simple user interface, the user can easily master all the functions.

First, you need apps and games that need to be optimized.At the moment there are 2 options available:

  • Option 1.At this point, users can select random apps and games using the (+) button in the right corner of the screen.After that, the selected app and game will appear in the Boost Games section.
  • Option 2.You can select all the apps and games available on your device.In the app, he designed the AUTO BOOST key for you.Even without selecting “Boost Games”, the apps and games on your device can be speeded up automatically.

To complete this process, users must click the INCREASE button (purple in the center of the home screen).The above is all you need to do to take advantage of the useful features of this program.

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