DiskDigger Pro Apk (MOD, Premium Unlocked)

Diskdigger Pro APK is the paid version of Diskdigger, an application that allows users to find deleted files on a rooted Android device.The app easily scans files like photos, videos, music, documents on the hard drive of the device and then displays them on the screen so that you can restore them when needed.

How does Diskdigger Pro work?

You know, Android phones don’t have a recycle bin like they do on a PC, so sometimes we mistakenly delete an important photo or file that we need and can’t do anything but wish it never happened.Realizing this user situation, developer Defiant Technologies devised Diskdigger, an application that allows you to find and recover deleted files.So how does it work?

After deleting a file on your Android phone, this file is not completely deleted from the system.It is still saved on the hard drive as a deleted file and does not appear when accessing the device’s storage. Diskdigger gives you a second chance.It scans all files on your system, including deleted ones.After a successful scan, all the deleted files are displayed, you can restore them to their original state.

Select “Scan” to have the application scan the entire hard drive.Of course, you will get thousands of results with a lot of system files and junk files.To help users quickly find the file they are looking for, the application allows you to select the file type, minimum file size.Besides, you can also split the memory for faster scanning, in which the internal memory of the device is usually displayed as “/data” and the SD card is shown as “/mnt/sdcard”.

Does the application need root?

Diskdigger Pro requires your Android phone to be rooted to find deleted files on the disk.If your phone is not rooted, the app may still work, but it is not 100% effective.In particular, the app allows you to search and retrieve certain types of files, and there is no guarantee that you will find them.You can also find only photo files, not videos.

What is the difference between Diskdigger Pro and the free version?

Diskdigger Pro is on sale on Google Play for $10, giving it much more powerful features than the free version.In the Pro version, you can drill down and get more details than in the free version.In particular, most users use the free version to search for photos and videos.If you want to recover another type of files or a large type of files, you cannot do so with the free version.

The paid version of the app allows you to search and recover files of any kind via FTP if your phone is rooted.In addition, the app also provides the ability to clean up free space on your hard drive, which helps your device have more memory and work better.

Where will the file be saved after recovery?

There are three ways to save the file after recovery, which include saving to the application, saving to local storage, and saving to the FTP server.You can save in the app to save data quickly in apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, Gmail.If you want to save it to an FTP server, you must sign in to synchronize data in the cloud.

Disk cleanup

This is a feature of the pro version exclusive.As mentioned above, Diskdigger Pro can completely delete the files from the system, which means that you can no longer recover them.This means that you cannot find and recover this data even if you are using Diskdigger Pro or a similar application.

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